IoT - Internet of Things

IoT (Internet of Things) represents the present and near future of the digital era.

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Cloud allows us to ensure security, scalability, service reliability and a powerful tool for real time and near real time data collection and analysis


Hardware components and Software part meet the latest electronic and information security regulations

Made in Italy

Hardware and software solution 100% made in Italy, highly customizable and integrable


We built HiveoT a cloud-based, multipurposes technology platform to address market needs with vertical solutions for asset tracking, contact tracing and social distancing, workforce management, safety, indoor localization and navigation, indoor air quality and smart agriculture.

Technology is changing the world of work on several fronts including safety, control and optimization of personnel and the workplace.


The Internet of Things is one such technology and offers several solutions that can provide benefits for business as well, because a safer environment is at the same time a healthier environment, a place where people work better.

Through the combination of specific IoT devices it will be possible to respond to various use cases including: